Posted by: stuartbond | October 19, 2009

How can I add a link to my WordPress blog?

Adding a link to your WordPress blog is a sure way to add diversity, credibility, and uniqueness to your blog.  A link can be used to substantiate statements, guide readers to other pages, or to provide further information about a specific subject area or event.


Adding a link to your WordPress blog is simple!


Here are the quick and easy steps!


1)      Log onto your WordPress account

2)      On the upper task bar, select your My Dashboard option

3)      On the left hand side of the “my dashboard” screen is an options menu, to manage and add to your blog.  Select the Links option

4)      The following screen displays any previous added links and their corresponding categories for management. At the top of your screen, just underneath the search bar, find and select the New Link option.  This is where the user will customize his or her new link.


The add new link screen allows the user to associate a name to a link’s URL to make the link more appealing to the author’s viewers.  The “description” option allows the author to give a short description of the link’s content when a curser hovers over the URL.  The “categories” option allows bloggers to assign a URL to an established category, all categories are shown.  The “target” option allows the user to select how the link will open once selected.  The “link relationship” option allows the user to accredit the link to another author or relation on geographic, demographic, or personal terms allowing for the sharing and referencing of information.


Adding a link to any blog is important to each author as a link can support, explain, or help persuade the author’s point of view, statements, or arguments.  Links provide more body to a link and allow the author’s blog to expand to other information via the World Wide Web.


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