Posted by: stuartbond | September 28, 2009

Typography: What is it and why should I be concerned?

Typography is important to any public relations, marketing, advertising, or desktop publishing practitioner for a number of reasons.  Before becoming an avid student of public relations, I thought nothing of the matter while typing or designing as I did not understand the importance of a font.  There are sizes and styles to be aware of when designing any piece from a business card to a brochure and beyond.  Some fonts are more conservative while many go outside of the box to serve a specific purpose.  Practitioners need bare in mind these factors as they are responsible for accurately representing their organization.  It would be wise for a designer to match their font style to their organization. Designers should keep in mind the attitudes and characteristics of both their organization and the publics they are attempting to reach; more conservative organizations and publics will favor more conservative fonts.  There is also a common and criterion when selecting your font.  How easy the font to read is, how well the font visually reinforces the key message, and how well the font matches your letterhead are all questions to ask when designing a piece.  I have a few pointers to follow when designing a couple common pieces.  When selecting a font for a business card one should use smaller sized fonts and easier styles as to avoid confusion or crowding.  Brochure fonts should emphasize the message and design of the brochure, more whacky and visually appealing brochures can utilize larger and/or more extreme font sizes and styles. 

There are a number of fonts for any designer to find online to better suit their publication, organization, or audience.  Visit to select a font unique to your publication.  I suggest this website as the downloadable instructions are guided just as you would download and install any program online or via CD.


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