Posted by: stuartbond | September 21, 2009

Segmenting Your Publics/How I do it!

When tasked with correctly segmenting the public or publics that comprise my client, The Bulloch County Alcohol and Drug Council, a whirlwind of confusion was first felt.  Segmenting a public or even a market is no always an easy task.  There are numerous issues one must keep in mind when attempting to even target their audience.  Practitioners must choose the correct lines of which to follow when segmenting their public.  In my case, my client has numerous publics.  My client has asked me to reach out to the “community”.  The term community comprises a many different publics.  I will have to reach out to children, adults, administrators, public and private sponsors.  I have chosen to segment the above publics by their characteristics.  Though I have not finish an accurate break down of each public’s characteristics, I will draw from what I already know.  I believe this is essential to any practitioner before beginning their own research.  Drawing upon what you already know about all publics serves as a springboard and brainstorm cache from which you begin segmentation.  Each market or public has their own niche in the community with their own set of characteristics that define them.  For instance, I know the children will be more responsive to electronic attempts at their attention as this age group is very tech-savvy.  Likewise, I know the seniors will prefer a much more conservative approach to gaining their trust and attention.  So, what I suggest, and how I will segment my client’s publics, is to target them using their specific defining characteristics and attitudes.  

I have listed the URL to the Business Resource Sofware, Inc.‘s webpage that I use when attempting to identify and segment any public.  I suggest this resource as it defines segmenting factors to keep in mind when practicing.


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