Posted by: stuartbond | September 14, 2009

Robin Williams CRAP acronym and proximity

Author Robin Williams has set the stone in terms of correct and proper design to be utilized by public relations practitioners and desktop publishers.  Williams’ C.R.A.P. acronym stands for contrast, repetition, alignment, and proximity.  Each subject is an essential piece of the pie to keep in mind when creating any design.  I will focus on proximity.  Proximity is the strategic placement of texts, graphics, or other bodies on any design platform.  Proximity is important to keep in mind as too much proximity can cause confusion, overcrowding, or strain on a piece.  A focal point is necessary while creating a piece and proximity plays a large role.  Where the eyes fix on a piece can and may be determined by proximity of texts, graphics, and other bodies.  Proximity can ease the appearance and “user friendly” aspect of a piece or cause an undesired result as the important information may be passed up due to poor design proximity.


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